Java 學習記錄46 — LinkedList Challenge

Create a program that implements a playlist for songs

Create a Song class having Title and Duration for a song.

The program will have an Album class containing a list of songs.

The albums will be stored in an ArrayList

Songs from different albums can be added to the playlist and will appear in the list in the order they are added.

Once the songs have been added to the playlist, create a menu of options to:-

Quit,Skip forward to the next song, skip backwards to a previous song. Replay the current song.

List the songs in the playlist

A song must exist in an album before it can be added to the playlist (so you can only play songs that you own).

Hint: To replay a song, consider what happened when we went back and forth from a city before we started tracking the direction we were going.

As an optional extra, provide an option to remove the current song from the playlist

hint: listiterator.remove()


應該跟 Tim 要求的有些出入


檢查 song 有沒有進入 album 這也沒教阿 不曉得怎處理

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